Our men’s ministry is focused on helping men be the best they can be! Proverbs 27:17 says,  “Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.”  The influence that we can have on each other is a two edged sword.  We can surround ourselves with men who negatively influence us or positively influence us. Forged tries to create an environment that we are the positive influence each other needs in our lives. When life heats up and we feel it, it’s time for us to become better men. We use those moments to become stronger through the Word of God, the Spirit of God in our lives,  and the men around us that call us out to handle the heat.  We are on a journey of learning together and have chosen to learn from the Authentic Manhood Study called 33 The Series
January 8th Breakfast
February 12th – Breakfast
March – Camping
April 9th – Breakfast
May 28th – Top Golf 
June 25th – Offshore Fishing trip
July – 3rd Picnic
August 13th – Breakfast
September 17th- Breakfast
October 15th – Skeet Shoot
November 12th – Breakfast
December 3rd – Serving @ Ladies Breakfast

Men are being told LIES about what it means to be a man – and it’s literally killing us.


We’re exhausted from the constant pressure, loneliness and feeling like we never measure up. Could there be a better way?

We’re here to help you discover a healthy vision for manhood and a community where you can be yourself.

For more information on Authentic Manhood, check out this link.