Learning God’s Word – Loving God & Others – Living Out Our Faith
Ephesians 3:14-21
Our Vision is to:
Provide a loving environment in Christ where believers are edified and the lost are convicted of
sin unto salvation through the preaching and teaching of God’s Word. In providing this
environment we will support the ministries of the church through observance of ordinances, the
exercising of our spiritual gifts, the sharing of our faith through personal and organized outreach
programs, striving always to walk holy before our God, and through the scriptural giving of our
time and resources.


Ministry Schedule

Please be mindful:

  1. If you or your children feel sick, please participate from home, do not enter the building.
  2. Please sanitize hands regularly.


Worship Service: 9:00am (livestream)

Worship Service: 10:30am
Bible Study: 6pm
Awana: 5:00pm (During School Year)


Kid’s Club: 6:30pm
Youth Service: 6:30pm

Church Office Hours

Monday – Thursday 9am-2pm
If you would like to meet with one of our staff, please feel free to call and set up an appointment.

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