IMPACT – Wednesdays 6:30 PM  

Leading students into a growing relationship with God

In order to help you better understand the purpose of youth ministry, below is some information about our ministry’s beliefs, purposes, priorities, and how we seek to accomplish these things. 

Our Vision, Purposes, Priorities, and Mission

Our Vision at IMPACT Youth Ministry is to guide students into salvation, strengthening their walk with Christ, and teaching them to share their faith with others.
Our youth program is designed around five purposes:
  • Discipleship
  • Evangelism
  • Service
  • Fellowship
  • Worship

IMPACT places priorities on:

  • Helping students build a genuine, self-sustaining relationship with Christ that continues to grow beyond their youth years.
  • Giving students a true understanding of the Bible and God’s plan for their life.
  • Preparing students to be able to live out their faith in the world and giving them opportunities to do so.

Wednesday Night IMPACT LIVE:

  • Live band, primarily student led.
  • Life applicable lessons
  • Combined Middle School and High School Worship Service


  • Scheduled Fellowship Activities
  • Sunday Evening Small Groups
  • Summer Camp
  • Discipleship Retreats
Our leadership team plans the calendar year with a variety of events and activities for our students to enjoy. We are committed to providing a safe, Christ-centered environment for all students to fellowship and have fun. Every event is planned with a designated devotion time where we take a few moments to share Jesus with the group. Email us at for more information.

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