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Mighty Oak Kids Ministry

“Mighty Oaks from Little Acorns grow”
“Let your ROOTS grow down into HIM and let your Lives be BUILT on HIM. Then your Faith will GROW strong in the TRUTH  you were TAUGHT.”
Colossians 2:7

Kids Video Lesson – Week 2

Easter is only 2 weeks away and it doesn’t look like we will get to be at church together. However, we will have our lessons, just online. This weeks video is about the Last Supper. This was a time when Jesus sits down with his friends, the 12 Disciples for one final meal together. He plans to prepare them for what will happen in the days to come. Check out the video below and enjoy the worship songs.
Watching the chubby bunny game reminded me of the fun we at Kids Camp with mini marshmallows. I think our record was around 60+ mini marshmallows in somebunny’s mouth at one time. Until next week, stay safe, wash your hands and don’t drive your parents too crazy.
Keeping you all in my prayers and looking forward to when we can all be at church together again.
Here are some fun activities to go with the lesson. 


Big Idea: Jesus gave His body and blood for our sins, so we can remember Him through communion.

Bible Basis: Matthew 26:17-30; Luke 22:7-30

Key Verse: 1 Corinthians 11:28

Kids Video Lesson – Week 1

I certainly miss seeing all my OBC Kiddos. Hopefully you aren’t driving your parents too crazy. I have a video lesson for you to watch about when Jesus washed the disciples feet. I know we have talked about doing this and most of you said “NO WAY” would you wash someone else’s dirty feet. Well I am glad that Jesus didn’t feel this way. Each week until we get to meet again, I will post a new video lesson. Yes, I will be quizzing you when all get back together. So listen close.

Click for video

Fun Websites

Try out these Kid friendly websites. Great for Bible fun, learning and review. 
  • Adventure Bible Games is from ZonderKidz and is full of games like ‘Leapin’ Lemur and Bible Millionaire. Bible activities such as word searches, devotions, Wwrds to treasure and much more. We have played these many times and the kids love them. 
  • SuperBook is from Christian Broadcasting Network and there are Bible story videos and fun games the kids can watch and play.
  • Valued by God is from Uncle Charlie – He is the creator of Carlito, the Brave monkey and songs like “Fruit of the Spirit is not a coconut.” You can play games on the website or you can download the app for free. 
  • Bible activity zone is full of online Bible games for the kids to play.
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